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Robert G. Nath
Tax Attorney

Over 30 Years'
Concentrating in
IRS and State Tax
Controversy Matters!

Tel: 703-356-5016
Fax: 703-356-5019

Robert G. Nath, PLLC
1775 Wiehle Avenue
Suite 400
Reston, VA 20190


Copyright 2016
All Rights Reserved.

Terms of Use.

  Over 30 Years' Experience,
  Concentrating in IRS and State
  Tax Controversy Matters!

In this age of taxpayer rights, there is hope for almost every IRS-related matter. The key is to realize the problem early - formulate a logical plan - and take action. Catch it late, and the results are almost always more costly. Knowing what to do - and how to help - takes experience: real-world, plain English, working every day with IRS line agents, kind of experience.

That's the experience we offer.

We concentrate in helping clients with:

    Offers in Compromise
    Installment Agreements
    Non-filing of Tax Returns
    Tax Liens
    Tax Levies
    Tax Return Positions
    Tax Appeals
    Statutes of Limitation
    Innocent Spouse
    Bankruptcy Tax Issues
    Taxpayer Rights
     Foreign Bank Account Reports ("FBAR")
       (IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program
        or non-program alternatives and exceptions)

Robert G. Nath is nationally recognized as an authority on tax matters. He holds degrees from Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and Georgetown University. After clerking for a federal judge, Mr. Nath litigated tax cases for 8 years with the Tax Division, U.S. Department of Justice. Since 1984, he has been in private practice advising taxpayers, accountants, and attorneys on tax procedure and controversy matters, as well as representing them before the IRS and in court in tax collection, audit and tax litigation matters.

Robert G. Nath, Tax Attorney      Concentrating in IRS and State Tax Controversy Matters     Copyright 2016    All Rights Reserved.